ECN2API Namespace ECN2API dll Reference

  Class Description
Public class DataManager
The Datamanager is probably the most important class of the ECN2 API infrastructure. It own all datafeeds connections and include methods, properties and events to manage subscriptions and realtime market operations.
Public class ECN2PowerScript
The ECN2 Powerscript Engine
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart
This object is used by the PowerScript Container object to provide an usable bridge to the underlaying chart control. An instance of this class can be accessed from PowerScript Code at the Chart property.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartLayer
Additional Chart layed to add overlayed surfaces for custom paint.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartLayer LayerPaintEventArgs
Provide a instance type to manage layers objects update.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartMouseEventArgs
An item of this kind is fired on chart mouse move events.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartObject
Represent a chart object. Can be one of ObjectType enumeration. The user have to instantiate and fill an object class to add an object to the chart control.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartObjectMouseEventArgs
An item of this kind is fired on object mouse move events.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartSeries
The chart series class porting for PowerScript. Use this class to add a chart series to parent chart control.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartStockSeries
Not yet implemented. Under construction for multichart's scripting.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart CustomBar
A dummy chart object used to set a custom bar color.
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Market
The ECN2Market object is referred as an instance named Market in any PowerScript class. The Market object is linked to a specific datafeed and instrument. At script startup, the Market object is linked to the same instrument of the main chart series (the first data selection holded on upper panel).
Public class ECN2PowerScript ECN2Orders
The ECN2Orders object is referred as an instance named Orders in any PowerScript class. The Orders object is linked to a specific datafeed and instrument. At script startup, the Orders object is linked to the same instrument of the main chart series (the first data selection holded on upper panel).
Public class ECN2PowerScript ScriptContainer
The ScriptContainer class. Used to manage scripts execution and update.
Public class FBConcurrentDictionary KEY_TYPE, ITEM_TYPE 
Public class FBConcurrentList T 
Public class FBDatafeed AllocationAccount
Public class FBDatafeed CLPortFolio
The Portfolio class for each datafeed.
Public class FBDatafeed DatafeedType
A custom extension of System.Type class used to identify for datafeed.
Public class FBDatafeed Order
The Order Class Base.
Public class FBDatafeed Order ExecutionItem
Execution Item Class. Any processed order have an instance list of these items in his ExecutionsHistory Field.
Public class FBDatafeed PositionEntry
Position Entry for portfolio. The main position class. The portfolio is essentially a container for these kind of items.
Public class FBDatafeed PositionEntry AvgProtection
Public class FBDatafeed PositionEntry OrdersComparer
Public class FBDatafeed PositionEntry PendindRelation
Public class FBDatafeed PriceUpdate
Public class FBSafeDictionary KEY_TYPE, ITEM_TYPE 
Public class FBSafeList ITEM_TYPE 
Public class FBSafeQueue T 
Public class FBSyncList T 
Public class FBSyncQueue T 
Public class LogQueue
Public class ObjectDumper
Public class PFClientData
Public class PFPlugin
This class represent the skeleton for any new plugin. Plugins must be inherited from this class.

  Structure Description
Public structure ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ExtraLineStyle
Line style structure to box drawing extralines for drawing studies requiring extralines setup.
Public structure FBDatafeed BarData
Public structure FBDatafeed OCOOrder
OCO Order Link Structure
Public structure FBDatafeed SymbolsDetails
A symbols details item to implement symbols details datasources.
Public structure FBSyncBoolean
Public structure LogQueue LogMessage

  Interface Description
Public interface DatafeedSetupControl
Define a set of standard properties and methods for datafeeds setup control. This class is internally used by the platform to show datafeed setup panels and manage connection settings.
Public interface FBDatafeed
The following interface is used to implement a standard Datafeed comunication Protocol. This interface is used as a gate between different counterparties to have a standardized communication criterya.
Public interface IDataFeedSubscriber
LowLevel Datafeed Subscriber Interface Definition. Defina Datafeed callback entries.
Public interface IDataSubscriber
This interface define methods and properties required to accomplish the data subscribing mecchanism
Public interface IOrdersSubscriber
Interface used to implement the OrderStatusUpdate function
Public interface IPathFinderApplication
Public interface IPathFinderChartControl
Public interface IPowerScript
Powerscripts Standard interface

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartLayer LayerPaintEventHandler
Public delegate ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartMouseActionEventHandler
Public delegate ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ChartObjectMouseActionEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed CLPortFolio onOrderUpdatedEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed onApiErrorEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed onLoginEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed onLogoutEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed onNewMessageEventHandler
Public delegate FBDatafeed onNewPriceEventHandler
Public delegate IDataFeedSubscriber DatafeedConnectionsUpdatedEventHandler
Public delegate IDataSubscriber BarUpdateDelegate
Public delegate IDataSubscriber PriceUpdateDelegate
Public delegate IDataSubscriber VolumeUpdateDelegate
Public delegate IOrdersSubscriber OrderUpdateDelegate
Public delegate LogQueue onNewMessageEventHandler

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart DrawingStudyType
Chart Drawing's type enumeration
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart FillStyle
Fill style's type enumeration
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart LineStyle
Line style's type enumeration
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ObjectType
Objects type enumeration
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart PriceScaleType
Chart PriceScale Allignment enumeration. This value is overriden by the chart control if a multichart layer is present.
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart PriceStyle
Chart PriceStyle enumeration.
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart SeriesType
Graphic series type enumetarion
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart StaticPosition
Objects position enumeration. Set to place chart objects in static mode.
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ECN2Chart ZOrder
Objects z-order enumeration. Choices the position of an object relatively to main chart serie.
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ScriptContainer MessageType
Public enumeration ECN2PowerScript ScriptContainer SpeachParts
This enumeration contains Speech tokens for Powerscript speak function. Sending array's or SpeechParts to speak function will make the API play soundsin sequence.
Public enumeration FBDatafeed Order Expiration
Order Expiration types enumeration.
Public enumeration FBDatafeed Order OrderSide
Order Sides enumeration.
Public enumeration FBDatafeed Order OrderStatus
Order Statuses enumeration.
Public enumeration FBDatafeed Order OrderType
Order Types enumeration.
Public enumeration FBDatafeed Periodicity
Public enumeration FBDatafeed PositionEntry OrdersComparer OrderCompareType
Public enumeration FBDatafeed PositionEntry PendingFunction
Public enumeration FBDatafeed PriceSubscriptionType
Public enumeration FBDatafeed PriceType
Public enumeration FBDatafeed SessionStatus
Public enumeration LogQueue LogType
Public enumeration MessageIcons