ECN2 Trader™ is an advanced trading platform allowing its users to simultaneously connect and access to multiple trading-feeds, FX portals and data Feeds coming from different financial institutions. The multiple connectivity capability, allow its users to access and trade on a wide range of financial products both exchange based (like Electronic Futures), and OTC derivatives.

On the platform each connection to a data feed is independent from the others. Furthermore, the multiple connectivity capability does not depend from the technology offered. For Example,  a user can connect simultaneously to Currenex, with liquidity deriving from 2 different liquidity providers. Even if the platform allows multiple streams from different data-feeds, risk, position management, reporting, and account management are conveniently maintained separated by the platform.

ECN2 Trader™, is a full cycle system able to satisfy the needs of most sophisticated traders. Aside the multi-broker, multi-product, the software features several advanced tools, along with an high level of customization. For example, the look and feel of the platform, can be customized through the use of GUI skins, or by saving complex workspaces. ECN2 Trader™ features a robust charting system with several visualization styles and an advanced back-testing  module which includes several strategy reports. For manual traders, the software features visual trading from the Charts, including the possibility to click and trade, or trading from the Scalper-Book, a vertical display of the market (vertical ladder view) where orders can be managed and built on a single scaled system while maintaining fully FIFO position management. For automated traders, the software features the Powerscript Language™. The language is able to load at runtime external DLLs or libraries and read C# and code.  For algo and institutional traders the software offers the option to execute through the existing API or to connect external application using the remoting option. Furthermore, the platform features can be expanded through the use of several external plug-ins, which can be  downloaded from the ECN2 Technologies application store.  .

Through this guide, users will learn the many possibility offered by the platform.

STEP 1 After the PathFinder Trader™ executable file for installation has been downloaded, please locate it and launch the application. We recommended that it be saved to your desktop; however, it may also be located in a “download” folder.
STEP 2 At this point, you can follow the self explanatory instructions located on the installation window.
STEP 3 Once installation completes, the PathFinder Trader™ and PathScript™ Editor icons should appear on the desktop.

At this point you have successfully installed PathFinder Trader™. For any additional assistance, please contact the Customer Support Team of your broker.

TIP: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need to run their platform in compatibility mode, and/or give the platform administrative privileges, in order for the platform to work properly. Windows 64-bit users also need to run platform in in compatibility mode, and/or give the platform administrative privileges, in order for the platform to work properly.