ECN2 Trader™ is an advanced trading platform allowing users to access simultaneously multiple trading feeds and data feeds streaming from different financial institutions. Furthermore, PathFinder Trader™ provides access to different financial assets such as Electronic Futures, Forex ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks), Binary Options (Nadex),  ccCFDs (Centrally Cleared Contracts For Difference), etc.. Likewise, for OTC (Over The Counter) products, the software has the ability to receive same products data from multiple liquidity providers. For example, users are able to access and trade on the prices of the EUR/USD streaming from multiple Forex ECN liquidity providers. Ultimately, all functions of trading, reporting and accounting occur on one single platform. ECN2 Trader™ comes bundled with the Scalper Book to analyze and trade using level 2 depth of market information, as well as the ability to trade directly from the charts, and an easy to use C#/VB.Net based language to program custom indicators, scripts and to perform automated trading.

ECN2 Trader™ Features

  • Market Order Execution
  • Limit/Stop/Stop Limit
  • Trailing Stop
  • FOK/IOC/Iceberg
  • Direct Access to multiple financial assets, including Exchange Futures and Forex ECN pools: Direct Connection to Banks and other Liquidity Providers
  • Cutting Edge Charting Technology with built-in local database
  • Visual Effects
  • Trade from Multiple Locations (Trade Pad, Charts, DOM/ScalperBook/Level 2, Forex View)
  • Tick Data and Tick Charting
  • Exchange and NDD+ECN+STP Connectivity
  • Level 2 Depth of Market
  • Advance Trading Capabilities: Spread Trading, ECN-ECN Integration, Multiple Accounts Trading, etc.
  • Custom Charting Periodicity
  • Accurate Strategy Testing (with Tick data)
  • Fully Customizable and User Friendly
  • Custom Plug-in Applications  capability
  • C#/ scripting language